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3 Creative Friends, 3 Weddings, 3 Wedding Cakes - Laura

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In 2019, among all my weddings, I had the pleasure of making three cakes for three close friends; Laura, Sophie and Emma. Each wedding was completely different, reflecting the personalities of the individual couples. I asked the ladies to write a little guest blog each and I'll be sharing them in the order of their weddings last year. Laura went first and since today is her 1st wedding anniversary, I thought this would be the perfect date to share her story.

"We all met at Norwich University of the Arts, all studying Textiles but three very different individuals and three very different styles of work - perfectly reflected in our wedding cakes years and years later!

Emma mentioned your name to me when she knew I was on the hunt for a cake maker. I innocently booked our consultation with you, not realising there was a hidden connection that I knew nothing about. It wasn’t until I was sat tasting the most delicious cake that I spotted a picture of Neil* and thought to myself 'I know him.' On leaving the cake tasting I excitedly messaged Emma to tell her my news..... she already knew of course; hence why she had recommended you."

[*My husband Neil works at Norwich University of the Arts in the Fashion & Textiles Department where Laura, Emma and Sophie met.]

Laura and Kieran - Mr & Mrs Leonard

"We were all with our now Husbands while at University together. We never could have predicted that 2019 was going to be such a big year for us all, it has only brought us closer together and we have created some incredible memories that will last us a lifetime. Three hen weekends and three weddings in one year is pretty special. I absolutely loved seeing the other two ladies marrying their best friends in their beautiful, but again very different gowns. All three wedding days were just breathtaking."

"I absolutely loved our wedding cake, every element of it; inside and out was just how I had dreamt it would be. It was modern and edgy, but shabby chic and rustic at the same time. The bottom tier was hexagonal, a small nod to my parents wedding cake that they had 33 years ago. The colours were incredibly synchronised with our whole day."

Laura chose a marbled hexagonal base tier with gold seams, a watercolour painted middle tier fading from grey to blush pink and a semi naked top tier with a pink drip and edible gold leaf. Each tier was offset to line up flat at the back of the cake.

Venue: Photographer: Luis Holden Props and styling: Little Jem Weddings

Today, a year after their wedding day, Laura and Kieran got to enjoy a tasty reminder of their wedding with a box of cake slices in the flavours of their wedding cake; Salted Caramel, Raspberry Bakewell and Salted Caramel.

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Leonard!

If you're on the hunt for a delicious, contemporary wedding cake have a look at my portfolio here.

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