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Pantone’s Colour of 2019 is Living Coral and I am delighted!

So once again we have a new Pantone colour of the year and this one is a corker!

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral emits the desired, familiar and energising aspects of colour found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent colour mesmerises the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of colour.

Last year it was Ultra Violet and I was determined to beat the doubters and show that Ultra Violet could be ultra cool. And as you can see in my post, I did come up with some beautiful things but purely personally, anything remotely purple isn’t generally on my liking radar. Coral on the other hand totally is!

Just look at this beautiful faded chair with a swag of blush toned blooms!


Just Peachy!

I do love a statement chair especially a velvet chair. The chair below looks like it has been covered in a layer of peach fuzz. And talking of peaches, check out those gorgeous place names!

peach place names

What colours can you pair with Coral?

The key to incorporating any strong colour into a scheme, whether it’s for interiors, events or clothing, is always what you pair it with. Neutrals like greys and navy’s are a instant go-to and really make the coral accents pop.

Like this beautiful buttonhole against a crisp dark suit.

colour palette buttonhole

But as you can see from the poppy colour palette above, you’ve only got to look to nature to find the perfect coral pairing. The chalky blue hued greens are such a beautiful background to the coral focal point. The mood boards below show this pairing to a tee!

If you’re ever in doubt about what colours to put together, always look to nature for endless inspiration!

Coral Florals

When I think of coral florals the flower that instantly pops into my head is a delicious dahlia!

My first job at the age of about 12 was working in a garden nursery earning £1 an hour. I remember listening to Yaz and Erasure on my Walkman while watering greenhouses full of plants and cutting armfuls of gladioli and dahlias. I’ll be honest, there was a time when I wouldn’t have chosen a dahlia but the last few years I’ve become obsessed with them. I walk past a house near me and for several months of the year I find myself wishing I could steal just one of their incredible dahlias. They are absolutely huge, the size of footballs! Totally the wrong size for a cake but I still really want one. This spring I have dahlia plants on my garden shopping list and I’ve got the perfect space in my garden ready for them.