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It was in my kitchen in the fine city of Norwich that I invented a product that has truly enhanced my baking life. My most treasured piece of cake making kit is my lovely yellow Kitchenaid* mixer, I couldn’t live without it. However what I could live without are the clouds of icing sugar that engulf me and cover my kitchen in a layer of sugary dust whenever I switch my mixer on.

I found that the best method was to hug a clean tea towel over the mixer, covering every tiny gap, to stop the sugary clouds escaping. Surely there had to be a better solution?

I searched online to find something to stop the clouds but there was nothing out there. So I got my sewing machine out and made the first mixer guard prototype. It worked like a dream and my kitchen was no longer covered in icing sugar!

No Mess Cake Mixer Guard by Sugar Buttons

  • Hand wash 

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