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3 Creative Friends, 3 Weddings, 3 Wedding Cakes - Emma

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In the summer of 2019 I made three wedding cakes for three close friends; Emma, Sophie and Laura. The ladies kindly agreed to write a little guest blog each and I've already shared Laura's and Sophie's. Now its finally Emma's turn:

"I met Laura on my first day of university for Textiles, we had sat on the same table together and we've been friends ever since! Shortly after, I made friends with Sophie. It’s safe to say we bonded quickly over our love of food! 

I first heard about Imogen making cakes when I was in the weaving workshop at university, and I remember Neil proudly showing me the beginning of Imogen's adventure into cakes, on her website. This was probably a good 7/8 years before I actually got married! Few years later

from following Neil on Instagram, I found Imogen's own cake account and I remember sharing one of the geode cakes to Laura, saying how amazing she would be to make Laura's cake! (pretty sure I wasn't engaged at the time).

Little while later I couldn't resist booking Imogen for my own wedding - one of the first things I booked!

Meeting Laura and Sophie has just been so lovely. We all had boyfriends living back home when we started university, so we already had that bond. When we all got engaged, we were so excited for each other as we were all marrying our childhood sweethearts!

The year leading up to our weddings was so lovely. Constantly texting each other asking how

planning is going and reminding each other on things to do!

Laura was first with hen do and wedding. Both were incredible. When I saw Laura's cake it just so obviously said "Laura!" The detail and style was just incredible. And may I say delicious too, Jon and I had a slice each there and took quite a few home!! Ha ha.

Then it was Sophie's hen do and then mine, both such fun.

Sophie's wedding was again just perfect for Sophie. Chilled vibes, with pizza and her gorgeous vegan flower cake! The flowers matched throughout the whole wedding, just beautiful.

Then it was my wedding. I had the best day ever. And I genuinely mean this when I say, when I saw the cake and the snitch sitting on it I was unbelievably happy! Just amazing.

We all had such different style weddings and different cakes. I'm so glad to have met these 2 girls and been able to bond with them even more over our weddings.

The fact we all choose the same cake designer was even better - perfect pun incoming - the icing on the cake!!"

Thanks so much for sharing a little bit of your lovely day Emma. I loved making your cake with its special golden snitch nestled in amongst the gypsophila and eucalyptus! A slightly belated happy anniversary to you and John. x

For more wedding cake inspiration, take a look at my portfolio here.

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