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8 Edible Wedding Favours That Won’t Get Forgotten Or Left Behind

In the traditional wedding favour offering of sugared almonds, Italian tradition dictates that the bittersweet almond represents life’s ups and downs, and the sweet coating represents the couple’s wish for their life to be sweet. It’s a lovely sentiment, but unfortunately we’ve all been to too many weddings where the organza bags on tables go largely untouched. And what’s the point of edible wedding favours that don’t get eaten?

Wedding favours are meant to be tokens of thanks for your guests; just a little something to show them how much you appreciate them being a part of your special day. So often, though, favours – whether they’re sugared almonds or non edible wedding favours – don’t get used. When weddings cost a not insignificant amount of money to throw, you want to make sure you’re spending your money on something that your guests will actually take away with them. (I think a good rule of thumb is that if it can't be eaten, drunk or used practically, it’s probably best avoided.)

In this way, edible wedding favours are even better: because your guests don’t even have to remember to take them away after all the drinking and dancing. They can eat them and enjoy them right there and then, with no waste in sight.

So here’s 8 of my favourite edible wedding favours, to give you some ideas and inspiration for your big day…

Delicious alternative edible wedding favours

If it ain’t broke…


Truffles are a classic, classy way to end a meal – but why not gift them to your guests as they sit down? My silky cake truffles are decadent without being cloying, so you can’t blame them for not letting them last til tea and coffee…

Themed cookies to match your cake or stationery

If your wedding has a particular visual theme, like a marble pattern or a specific colour palette, then you could serve your guests delicious bagged cookies decorated in the same way. This works especially well if you have a motif or monogram that’s run throughout your decor, and can continue in cookie format. (For example, Katherine and Dan had a bird themed wedding cake, for which I painted some bird decorations. These could have made really cute biscuit favours, too!)


I mean…they’re delicious. Enough said!

Edible wedding favours that double up

Two birds with one stone…

Alcohol miniatures

Give your guests a miniature serving of your tipple of choice. My lovely couple Aleysha and Jack did this, using their own home-flavoured gin as their edible wedding favours. Even better, they also incorporated it into an activity during the reception, where they had a Gin and Tonic station complete with tonics and different aromatics. They encouraged their guests to take their mini flavoured gin up to the table and pimp their perfect G&T, which is a great way of making sure that all the favours were appreciated and used up on the day!

Signage and styling by The Little Lending Company Photo by Cara Zagni

Place name cookies

As well as matching your cookies to your cake or stationery like above, why not use them as your place names? Each cookie can be painted or embossed with the guest’s name and, once they’ve found their seat, they can get rid of all the evidence!