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Beautifully Creative Painted Cakes That You’ll Love

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m an artistic, creative kind of soul. I just love to paint, so when I discovered that you could actually paint on cakes, I was totally thrilled to be able to combine two of my great passions!

The beauty of painting on cakes is that you are limited only by your imagination. Whether you love pretty, floral designs, bold sweeps of colour or even beautiful calligraphy, your vision can be created on a cake. This technique is also a great way to add a touch of wow to an otherwise plain cake.

And the best part… it’s not that difficult to do! I promise! As long as you’re not aiming for a Michael Angelo result with your first few tries you’ll be delighted with the results you can get.

Of course, if you fancy learning the secrets of painting on cakes from an experienced pro cake make, why not sign up for my Painting on Cakes Decorating Class on November 1st at my Norwich kitchen?

To fire up your imagination, here are some of my favourite painted cakes designs from Instagram. Aren’t they just gorgeous!

Beautiful painted cakes Norwich

Image via @sugarsugar_cakes

Whimsical with just the right amount of attitude, I just love the bold colours used on this striking floral cake. Simple, sophisticated and oh-so-pretty!

floral painted cupcakes

Image via sugarbuttonscakes

The steely grey of this cake is the perfect setting for the Avengers! When I was approached to make a cake for a Marvel fan I couldn’t wait to put my paintbrush to work. It goes to show that painted cakes don’t always have to be girly.

Gorgeous wedding painted cakes in norwich

Image via cakefromtheheart

But sometimes they do! This mint green and black design is guaranteed to turn heads, smart and sophisticated, I just love the simple, modern floral details and the jet-black ribbon finishes the design off perfectly.

Mosaic painted cake for a wedding

This mosaic style cake looks like it came straight out of a modern art display! Gaudi meets ganache!

Dark floral painted cake

Image via emilyhankinscakes

When you think about painting on cakes you probably wouldn’t think about using a dark surface. But as this beautiful cake shows, the results can be incredibly stunning!

painted cupcakes norwich

Image via gabsoncakestudio

Painting isn’t just for big cakes! These super cute robin cupcake toppers are just delightful. I use this watercolour style a lot in my own designs. Speaking of which…

Painted Birthday Cake in Norwich Sugar Buttons Creative

Image via sugarbuttonscakes

I just loved creating this ‘Our Story’ cake for a client. It’s so nice when cakes have a really personal element to them. One of the wonderful things about this technique is that you can create a cake design from a photo or postcard that brings back fond memories.

floral painted cake norfolk

image via littlebuttonbakery

A close-up view allows you to really see the texture of this bold and beautiful cake design.

Autumn painted wedding cake

Image via neviepie

How stunning is this! Elegant design meets beautiful artwork in a five-tier wedding cake that evokes the autumn season perfectly. If you want to make an impression on your guests, a painted cake certainly does the job!

penguin painted cake

Image via the_cake_duchess

This cute penguin design isn’t just beautiful. It’s adorable! Perfect for an animal lover or even a corporate event with a wildlife or environmental theme.

floral painted cupcakes

Image via thesugaredrose

More beautiful cupcakes and aren’t these just a joy to behold! The bright, bold, floral design is perfectly feminine, with a touch of fun!

Danny Champion of the World Painted Birthday Cake in Norwich Sugar Buttons Creative

Image via sugarbuttonscakes

And of course, painted cakes can be fun too! This ‘Danny, Champion of the World’ cake combines painted characters with a large painted topper and script too! The perfect birthday cake for an imaginative child (or adult!).

So, are you feeling the creative love for painted cakes? If you’d love to find out more about this fantastic cake design technique don’t forget to sign up for my Painting on Cakes class in Norwich on November 1st. You can find all the details here.

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