Once Upon A Time… A Client Case Study

Sugar Buttons Case Study: Samantha

Before the cake was made

At Sugar Buttons, I’ve had some interesting projects but the Once Upon a Time cake for Samantha really stands out and was a pleasure to make and deliver.

The long journey of this cake literally and creatively started with a good idea and a google search.

‘I looked at a few cake makers online before I found the Sugar Buttons website. I was amazed at how artistic the cakes looked. Imogen clearly had that extra something and they were on a whole different level. I had a specific design for my cake and I wanted someone who could do it justice. She was clearly very artistic and her cakes looked so realistic. Other cake companies seemed to create cakes that looked nothing like they’re supposed to.’

Initially I like to have a thorough discussion with clients so I can fully understand their vision for the best possible results. In some cases, there are just a few initial ideas which is fine. Samantha had a very clear concept for me to work with.

‘When I spoke to Imogen she was really nice and I could tell she would come up with some amazing ideas. I could tell that she aims to make the best cake you could imagine.’

It’s great when clients come back so it was lovely to take the Once Upon a Time theme further this time for Samantha.

‘I’m into very detailed things: I love Disney, I love Marvel and those sorts of characters. I wanted a three tier Once Upon a Time cake and I knew Imogen would be good at making it. Initially I’d ordered some Once Upon a Time Cupcakes and she did such a good job I wanted her to make my cake.’

Creating to Delivering

At Sugar buttons, cake bookings can be made up until a few weeks before an event if there is availability. In Samantha’s case, the cake was ordered 9 months in advance, though to ensure freshness, it was made a few days before her birthday. During the making stage, regular contact with clients is maintained.

‘Imogen kept me informed at every stage. I knew that she was modelling figures in the heat as it was summer which must have been tricky. She told me when it was finished and gave me advice on how to store it so the cake would be ok.’

When delivering cakes to clients, every care is taken to ensure they are in the same condition as when they leave the kitchen. The challenge with Samantha’s cake was getting it all the way to her home in Liverpool in the heat.

‘I have major health issues so I’m mainly housebound but I’d expected to be well enough to pick the cake up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so Imogen came all the way to me on the train with it. I don’t think any other cake company would do that in this country. It was in perfect condition when it reached me. She’d taped it and boxed it up. Also, it was in the middle of summer so this must have been hard. It was a good 5+ hour trip and I really appreciated it.’

Me on my epic 5.5 hour train journey from Norwich to Liverpool

Enjoying the Cake

Every effort is made for maximum enjoyment of my cakes. I’m over the moon this cake had such a huge impact on Samantha and her family.

‘I was really excited. I didn’t know the full detail until I saw it as It was a surprise. I’d given Imogen some drawings which weren’t very detailed. When it arrived, I was blown away as she’d gone that next step further with it. I couldn’t believe how detailed it was. My family even said it was too good to eat. It was more than I imagined. I knew it’d be good because I’d seen her other work but the finer details like the glitter and way she’d moulded the costumes on the models made it so realistic. I even kept some of the figures because I didn’t want to eat them.