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Inspired by…Awesome Wedding Stationery

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

My first foray into the world of wedding suppliers (other than my own wedding) was as a creator of wedding stationery. This was a fairly short lived career as I ended up being called back to run my former school Art department so the stationery was shelved.

I’m still a self-confessed stationery enthusiast and I love to be inspired some of the amazing designs out there. I follow a lot of artists on social media and I have used several different stationery collections to inspire some of my cake designs.

Here are a few examples;

Watercolour Painting

This lovely watercolour suite; Nora by Emma Jo Stationery inspired my Nora cake design.

I painted Emma’s beautiful images onto a 4 tier cake and added an edible wax seal to replicate the seal on the Nora suite.

Flowers and Feathers

Next up is a suite of stationery by Sam Wood Wedding Stationery which inspired a cake and cupcakes display at the wedding of Faye and Andrew Jelley in 2019.

This suite featured painted designs of flowers and feathers. I painted them using cocoa butter and edible dusts onto sugarpaste that I had formed to create a combination of 2D surface design on 3D shapes.

The final wedding cake display featured a 2 tier semi naked cake with painted flower and feather decorations inspired by Sam's illustrated stationery. Surrounding the cake on its custom made pheasant feather stand were a selection of delicious cupcakes decorated with more painted flowers and some edible tweed toppers.

And finally I bring you to my last stationery inspired wedding cake design and this one is super awesome!

You Me Oui

I first found Victoria’s work on Instagram and fell in love with her signature twist invitations. Not only has she cornered the market in innovative construction, her surface pattern designs are superb too. I love the fact that she has created her sample collections using real life celebrity couples like Ellen & Portia, Justin & Hayley and my favourite pairing; Scott & Charlene.



I chose to take inspiration for my cake design from the Mid Century collection which features an abstract textured pattern and a delicious colour scheme*. Elton & David were the lucky owners of this design.

*If you are interested in this design but not that particular colourway, Victoria can tailor the designs to your scheme.

If you’ve not seen her work yet, you really have to check it out. Go and have a look at @youmeoui on Instagram. Or at

Create This Cake

I took elements of the Mid Century design and translated it onto my cake using sugarpaste, edible paint and royal icing.

If you’d like to have a go at making this very cake, I have a video tutorial teaching all my techniques and processes.

Here’s a little intro to the course:

Thank you to Emma, Sam and Victoria for providing me with such a fantastic selection of inspiring designs.

Check Out The Graphic Collage Cake Tutorial Here

Note: The more eagle eyed may have noticed the similarity in shape of the You Me Oui cake and the Nora cake. I reused Nora once the design had started to fade.

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