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Expert Texture Techniques For Cakes Course

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I wanted to talk to you about my Expert Texture Techniques course. It’s my main bundle course, filled to the brim with lots of different textures, using a variety of methods. I cover everything from marbling to crackles, crystal seamed granite and some metallic effects. Giving you the techniques to create highly textured surfaces as seen in my signature style cakes.

I’ve previously been asked whether my course is only suitable for wedding cakes. And the answer is, absolutely not! You can make any kind of cakes with the techniques I teach.

I tend to demonstrate on wedding cakes purely because that's the field that I work in. However there are so many projects you can apply the techniques to. The crackle techniques work really well for recreating a lizardy type skin finished with metallic lustres and the granite effects are great for creating crumbling walls, stone paving slab boards and all manner of gothic or fantasy themes.

So there's definitely not a wedding bias.

Recently I was asked to make a Harry Potter cake with a red and gold striped base tier. Loads of people have done those cakes with the stripes so I wanted to do it in my own Sugar Buttons style. I made a crackle texture on the stripes with the deckle edge I like to do on a lot of my cakes. I dry brushed a little bit of bronze lustre to highlight the textures.

And if you’re still undecided, don’t just take my word for it, here’s some feedback from one of my lovely clients Kim:

I’d spent time experimenting with a few different methods of creating texture but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I love Imogen’s style of caking so had a look at her online School and realised that her online Textures course was EXACTLY what I was looking for! The course is professionally presented, extremely easy to follow, packed with loads of fantastic methods of creating texture and, best of all, has an abundance of Imogen’s warm and encouraging manner. Imogen provides lots of ideas about how the textures you create can be used and adapted on real life cakes and I love it; I’ve had some really good results so far. If you are looking to upskill and learn some brilliant, contemporary methods of creating masses of different textures then buy this course – you will not be disappointed.

Kim Plummer - Bright Tree Cakes

So what next?

I’m currently working on a course for all the people who have told me that they'd love to do my tutorials but they haven't got the basics nailed yet. They've asked for a good recipe for a fail safe sponge and how to get the perfect smooth surface on a ganached cake.

In non Covid times, these are the things I teach in my face to face classes. The most popular class, I thought, was going to be things like painting on cakes, airbrushing etc, all the things that I'm known for. But the thing that everyone asks me for is; how do you achieve a smooth blank canvas cake before you paint onto it, before you add airbrushing, before you do textures etc. How do you get the really clean finish that you can then work on to? So I realised that there was a need for that.

The course will contain everything you need from baking the perfect sponge, right up to finishing and decorating cakes.

It will be a bumper, cohesive bundle of tutorials. I'm going to give you my tried and tested recipes. I’ll share my own personal method for scaling the recipes to fit different tin sizes as well as how to switch up ingredients to create a variety of different flavour combinations.

I’ll be demonstrating the full process of making, decorating and delivering a 3 tiered semi naked wedding cake.

If you fancy having a go at making your own wedding cake, or perhaps you have a kind relative who has offered to make your cake but you want them to make sure they get everything right. If you don't want to turn up at your wedding and find the cake leaning to one side, this is the course for you.

Everything you need will be covered in my Ultimate Cake Foundations Course.

If you’d like to be one of the first to know when this course is released and to get in at a discounted early bird price, just follow the link below.

As a bonus there will also be the long awaited Personalised Cookie Favours Tutorial. I filmed it back in March 2020. I half edited it and that's where it has stayed up till now. There was just too much going on in the world but I will get it finished ready for the launch of the new course.

Imogen x

Take Me To The Textures!

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