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Learn all the basics of cake making and decorating!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I am currently working on building an incredible program called Essential Cake Foundations Course. The course will help beginner cake decorators and home bakers learn professional skills and techniques so they can refine and perfect their cake portfolio and gain the confidence to take their know-how to the next level and perhaps begin a whole new journey!

Some history behind the Essential Cake Foundations Course

I actually came up with this idea in 2019 and had grand plans to get it filmed and out into the world in 2020 but we all know how that went…

After the madness of back to back weddings in 2021 and despite 2022 looking almost as busy, I have made sure to dedicate time to my online school.

The idea for this course was born out of the many enquiries I receive for 1:1 face to face classes that specifically focus on the basics, like baking the perfect sponge, whipping up the best buttercream and how to ganache and cover a cake so it’s perfectly smooth.

When I first started running classes in 2015 I was advertising arty classes like painting on cakes, airbrushing, simple texture effects etc. Basically, all the slightly more advanced techniques that I hadn’t seen anyone locally teaching, and techniques I regularly used in my own work. Yet time after time, I kept having requests for the basics.

When filming tutorials for my online school in 2019 I did the same thing again; I built courses around the cool textures and techniques I was coming up with and assumed that since this is what I was known for, this is what people would want to learn. Some people do want to learn those things, but again I had so many messages asking for something that covered the basics. It seemed that many of you wanted to have a go at the textures and painting etc. but didn’t feel quite ready for that stage.

One of the many messages I've had is as follows;

"I wouldn't feel comfortable doing the more complex techniques without knowing the basics first. I think it is important to master all of the basics before moving on to learning more advanced techniques."

The Aha! moment finally clicked for me. And the Baking Basics Bundle was born, or at least the idea was.

The BBB was my initial course name but it’s a bit of a mouthful and I kept mistakenly adding the word Business into the mix even though this is not a business course. If I couldn't remember the name, there limited chance that anyone else would!

I needed a new name

In Art education, a Foundation course is the one you do after school to introduce you to all the techniques before you go on to specialise at university. And in another sense, the foundations are the literal building blocks for all buildings so Foundation had to be in there.

I settled on the Essential Cake Foundations Course because I really do want this to be a one stop shop for all the basics. It’s still a bit of a mouthful but I’m sticking with it for the time being.


I want this new course to be built around what my lovely future clients actually want! I have a plan in place and I’ve begun to film some modules, however I want to know what you, as someone with an interest in cake making and / or decorating, would like to see included (and just as importantly, what you would not want to see!)

I have put together a survey and I would be incredibly grateful if you could fill it in for me by clicking on the button below.

I really appreciate your time and willingness to help me. With your experiences and feedback, I can make sure I’m building my course in the most transformative way.

As an appreciation of my thanks I will put all the responses into a draw* to win a lovely cake equipment prize worth a minimum of £50

Thank you so much

Imogen x

*The responses will be placed into a draw and a winner will be selected at random on May 16th 2022. After this date you are still very much welcome to take part in the survey (feedback is always useful) but there will be no prize.

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