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Creative Cake Textures Part 2 - Granite Effects

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Following on from the last blog in this Texture Techniques series where I focused on marbling, in this part I will move on to slightly more textured surfaces such as granite.

In my Expert Texture Techniques tutorial you’ll see how I combine a few techniques and ingredients to produce some interesting effects.

Granite effect is still one of my favourite techniques and so far it hasn’t made its way into every cake makers repertoire.

This black granite cake is still one of my absolute favourites despite being made 2 years ago.

I originally made it for a Gothic ruins photoshoot and decorated it with abstract wafer paper stems.

Last year I gave it a bit of a makeover with some fresh orchids and roses to coordinate with the show scheme at A Most Unusual Wedding Fair 2019.

It shows how versatile a black cake can be.

Sadly this cake is almost on its last legs as I’ve taken it to several fairs, open days and photoshoots. I can’t quite bring myself to throw it away yet so it’s still sitting in my kitchen with random bits missing and holes where decorations or flowers should be.

I used a form of granite effect for my first Terrazzo cake and made matching granite cookies as wedding favours.

You can learn to make this whole cake in my pictorial here.

I created a mix of marble and granite on this little cake tier and layered up hexagons to add detail.

This navy and antique gold cake features a variety of textures from crackles, granite and a touch of crumbling bas relief. Abstract wafer paper paper flowers added extra detail.

There are many more techniques covered in my Expert Texture Techniques for Cakes video tutorial which features 7 videos with over 3 ½ hours of lesson content.

I’ll continue going through the other techniques in Part 3 of this blog series.

Take a look at the bumper video tutorial: Expert Texture Techniques here.

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