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Ultimate online cake baking and decorating course to help you transform your cakes

If you’re looking for a cake baking and decorating course that allows you to learn from a pro and helps you level up your cake skills: stop your scroll, take your hand off the trackpad, and pat yourself on the back – because you’ve come to the right place.

(Now put that hand back on the trackpad – because there’s some goodness coming your way that you’ll probably need to scroll for.)

And that goodness is: Essential Cake Foundations, my cake baking and decorating course!

First things first: what is Essential Cake Foundations?

Essential Cake Foundations is my flagship online cake baking and decorating course for people who want to completely master the basics of cake making, so that they can produce amazing bakes time and time (and time) again.

It’s a distillation of everything I’ve learnt as a self-taught, professional cakemaker over the past decade and a bit, so that you can get the delicious results without having to deal with the trial and error stages.

Ok, so what will it teach me?

Essential Cake Foundations is split into 12 accessible, easy-to-follow modules, so you’ll gain skills in all of these areas:

Getting started

My list of essential equipment, tools and ingredients (as well as nice-to-haves)

How to actually make and bake a cake

On this cake baking and decorating course, we really go back to basics to ensure our foundations are super secure: so I’ll teach you how to bake a simple vanilla sponge cake that you can nail every time. Plus, learn how to scale the recipes in a really easy way using my Signature Scaling System.

Once we have the layers, we’ll also learn how to make a tiered cake. You’ll learn all about buttercream and ganache – what are they? What’s the difference? When should you use one instead of the other? – and how you can use them to confidently create impressive tiered cakes every time.

Flavour combinations

It’s not just about the aesthetics and the structure – oh no! We all know the beauty and joy of a totally delicious, to-die-for cake (otherwise why would you be looking at a cake baking and decorating course?) so you’ll learn how to play with flavours and create your own signature flavour menu that your friends and family will soon be requesting!